Microsoft loves Linux… Ubuntu & .NET Core 1.0

“Daj się poznać”

I haven’t been developing for some time, but to fulfill rules of Daj Się Poznać competition I need to write some code. The problem is that I don’t have environment to work on! I should have thought about it. Will Ubuntu come for rescue? Can I combine Ubuntu &  .NET Core 1.0?

 Installing .NET Core 1.0 on Ubuntu

Last time when I was using ASP.NET it was… ASP.NET 3.5. And now I hear that there will be 1.0? Let’s start with .NET Core. As I never read instructions and documentation…

  1. Starting point:
  2. Step 1 – works
  3. Step 2 – works
  4. Step 3 – works
  5. Step 4 – OMG works!

Ok I’m shocked, things never work on Linux by default. However I haven’t been expecting only this:


I hoped to have some awesome IIS style web page with fancy graphics. It’s not the same Microsoft that I used to know.

 Taking a deep dive

So let’s see what this actually has generated.


  • Nuget.config -standard
  • project.json – standard
  • project.lock.json – ?!?


It seems that it’s not ASP.NET Core specific, but coming from ASP.NET 5.0. It’s generally detailed information about all packages used in project. More details can be found here: What is project lock

 Show me the code!

Last file… Program.cs

namespace ConsoleApplication
public class Program
public static void Main(string[] args)
Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

Nothing fancy, but works. Let me publish some code to GitHub and see where we can go from here…

 Ubuntu & .NET Core 1.0 Final

The code can be found here: AspNetCore Branch.


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