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In latest posts I have migrated my microservice on ASP.NET Core to RC2. I’m using gulp to manage my front-end build pipeline. As it’s slightly annoying to start everything, let’s see how can I launch multiple services on ASP.NET Core with PM2.


PM2 is process manager that allows you to start multiple processes, monitor them, restart automatically and a lot more. Installation process is straightforward as usual with all node packages.

Key functionalities are:

Start an app using all CPUs available + set a name :
$ pm2 start app.js -i 0 --name "api"

Restart the previous app launched, by name :
$ pm2 restart api

Stop the app :
$ pm2 stop api

Restart the app that is stopped :
$ pm2 restart api

Remove the app from the process list :
$ pm2 delete api

Kill daemon pm2 :
$ pm2 kill

ASP.NET Core with PM2

Steps to be done

  1. Update nuget packages
  2. Build ASP.NET Core service
  3. Start ASP.NET Core service
  4. Install bower packages for web with gulp
  5. Publish web package with gulp
  6. Start express server for web


There are options to use PM2 within gulp, but to follow KISS principle as usual I’ll use simple bash script. You can find source code on GitHub.

pm2 kill

echo "Starting up build pipeline"

cd userService
#hack to allow to do this multiple times
rm -rf obj
dotnet restore
dotnet build
pm2 start --name userService dotnet -- run 

echo "User Service started"

cd ..

cd web
bower install
gulp publish

pm2 start index.js

cd ..

This line:

rm -rf obj

will resolve following issue:

userService-0 (err): Could not read the incremental cache file: /home/mogluszka/Sources/shout/src/userService/obj/Debug/netcoreapp1.0/.IncrementalCache


In result all required steps are being executed: ASP.NET Core 2 service starts, all artifacts are being published and website is started. core with pm2

Now I have few useful commands:

$ pm2 show userService
mogluszka@mogluszkaW540:~/Sources/shout/src$ pm2 logs userService
[PM2] Tailing last 20 lines for [userService] process 

userService-0 (out): Project userService (.NETCoreApp,Version=v1.0) was previously compiled. Skipping compilation.
userService-0 (out): Hosting environment: Production
userService-0 (out): Content root path: /home/mogluszka/Sources/shout/src/userService
userService-0 (out): Now listening on: http://localhost:5000

Second one is actually key to diagnose any issues with your processes.


4 thoughts on “ASP.NET Core with PM2

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  • August 28, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    The process of dotNet starts, but does not monitore the usage of CPU and Memory.

  • March 16, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Hi, so in this example pm2 runs a single instance in fork mode. What would i need to do to make the application run in cluster mode and let pm2 manage load. thanks.

    • July 10, 2018 at 4:43 pm

      Hi Wajeeh,

      Unfortunately I haven’t tried this. Let me know if you have found a solution. I’m working on something else at the moment, but maybe it would be useful for someone else.



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