Team Services Free Private Repositories

team services free private repositories


If you are writing your next new $1 million startup, you are definitely looking for free private repository. GitHub doesn’t offer that, so you can choose Bitbucket or GitLab. Recently Microsoft renamed their Visual Studio online that became Visual Studio Team Services.  Let’s take a look can team services free private repositories serve your new awesome startup.

Team Services Free Private Repositories

To start with Visual Studio Team Services you can follow this link: vsts free account. You need to specify your unique name and have a choice of SCM tool: GIT or TFS.

team services free private repositories

And that’s simply all.

Now you can clone your repository and start working in your favorite way: console, or visual studio.


From most important VSTS supports

  • Unlimited free private repos
  • SCM with GIT
  • Pull Requests
  • Code Review
  • CI/CD
  • Issue tracking

Here you can find all current features and new features pipeline.


Microsoft definitely moves forward with supporting developers with all tools needed. After some time working with this as alone developer, I can’t find anything what would push me back out of it, as far as SCM is concerned. Issue tracking still have a bit of design and feeling from old Visual Studio’s, which personally I don’t like. However for your startup project this definitely should be enough.

In next posts I’ll test how to set up CI/CD with VSTS. For now let me know if you have tried to use VSTS and what’s your feedback.

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