Infusion Wroclaw Hackathon 20th Aug 2016

infusion wroclaw hackathon


I’m not sure have you heard about Infusion, but it’s a company where I’ve been working for a long time already. I enjoy being here from many reasons, but one of them is people and all the stuff that we do outside of our day to day duties. Now it’s time for you to meet us and join Infusion Wroclaw Hackathon.

Infusion Wroclaw Hackathon 20th August 2016!

On 20th August there will be Hackathon hosted in our office. It’s totally free and currently we still have places.

You can find the details here:


This will be a competition! I know people who prepared this and it will be awesome. I can’t share much details but this will be a challenge between your bot and other teams bots.

Sounds cool?

  • Code
  • Connect
  • Compete
  • (and have fun)


Just fill the form here and show up… You can add somewhere that you learnt about from me 😉 .


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